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Welcome to Doctors Medical Academy

Doctors Academy is one of the world’s largest providers of independent and innovative medical education and training that complements the programmes offered by medical universities, institutions and hospitals. The aim of the Academy is to promote medical education, disseminate information, and exchange knowledge, technical and technological expertise between the professionals working in varied health care settings in resource-rich and resource-poor nations. It is envisaged that bridging the knowledge, technical and skills gap between professionals from diverse backgrounds will lead to improvements in global health and, ultimately, benefit patient care.


Doctors Medical Academy is started with a vision to be a model for medical education, research, and to serve the people, with a special focus on the rural population. The aim is to provide the underprivileged with highly advanced medical facilities and educate them about prevention from illness.


Is to develop one of the best health care professionals who are compassionate, committed to providing, highest standards of patient care through:

  • Student-centered innovative teaching methodologies equip them to develop critical thinking skills and to become lifelong learners committed to continuous improvement of skills and knowledge.
  • Clinical transformation, as Healthcare Professionals, who is ethical, responsive, and accountable to patients, community, and profession and makes a valuable contribution to patients and healthcare as individuals and as responsible members of society.
  • Igniting innovative learning habits in young minds to reach their fullest potential.
  • Acquiring team building and communication skills to enrich their healthcare practice in any setting and make them globally competent healthcare professionals.
  • Promoting original research in basic and clinical sciences among students and faculty bound by good ethical practice.


  • Complete dedicated statt, available round the clock.
  • Management is the staff to have direct impact on result on the institution
  • All the staff had worked in corporate institutions and of experience more than 2O Years.
  •  Expert faculty in getting single digit ranks.
  • An above average student becomes a ranker only with good marks in physics and Chemistry. Here, the management is of Physics and Chemistry faculty.
  • Senior most teching staff also attend study hours to clear doubts.
  • A/c. Class rooms and A/c. Hostel.
  • Seperate hostel for boys and Girls.
  • Weekend tests, cumulative tests, Unit tests and daily tests.
  • Questions papers from various institutions along with our question papers to give more exposure on the topics.
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